Albert de Vries

Albert de Vries Onderzoek in eigen werk (research of one’s own work) is a consultant, who offers advice and guidance on professional and quality development in agriculture, curative education / social therapy and teaching. He has a close cooperation with the Academie voor Ervarend Leren (Academy for Experiential Learning).

Albert de Vries accompanies and advises people in curative education and social therapy, especially in connection with agriculture, in order to promote their personal initiative. The accompaniment of people with special needs is rethought in such a way that the approach of a meaningful initiative is sought in the special behavioral patterns of the individual, which are often perceived as disruptive elsewhere. The approach is based on a methodical procedure that he developed as part of his doctorate.

Albert de Vries accompanies the project methodically and supports the partner institutions in the preparation and implementation of the training activities. He will also play an important role in documenting the results of the project activities.

Phone:          +31 26 351 40 98
Mobile:         +31 6 51 42 65 48