Vidaråsen Village

The Camphill Community Vidaråsen is an inclusive community based on the anthroposophical understanding of the human being. We are around 150 co-workers, employees, children and residents with disabilities, who live and work together in larger and smaller households. During working hours, everyone is engaged in one or more of our workshops, such as a weavery, bakery, laundry, felt-workshop, carpentry, food processing, health food store, agriculture, office, gardening or household. 

It is our vision to enable everyone to have a meaningful everyday life and to enable personal development in co-creation with others. Based on mutual respect and equality, we strive to create a holistic work and life situation for everyone. Varied cultural activities with, for example, theatrical and musical performances, celebrating of seasonal festivals and excursions play an essential role in community life in which Aron part took and grew into step by step. 


Vidaråsen Landsby
Postboks 14
3162 Andebu

T: (+47) 33 44 41 00