Inclutrain extends


The Erasmus+ project „Inclutrain extends“ started in fall 2023 and runs until February 2026. It follows the international projects Inclutrain (2017-2020) and Inclutrain conncets (2020-2023).

The Inclutrain project is dedicated to the question of how inclusion can be promoted in the life and work of people with and without disabilities and how new spaces for learning from each other can be opened up. It is a project that takes innovative approaches to person-centered education.

The starting point of the project is the social need to counteract exclusionary social structures. Exclusion does not only occur in relation to people with assistance needs, but also manifests itself in many everyday situations. The Inclutrain project is a field of experimentation in which approaches for realizing inclusion are (further) developed. One focus is not simply to create a vision of inclusion, but to work in a person-centered way and focus on the person and his/her uniqueness.

The project activities include inclusive project meetings as well as the further development of methods and seminar materials. In addition, trainers are trained and peer group meetings are organized.

Methods Manuals

Inclutrain Project Coordinators - Kick off Meeting, Oct. 2023
Deepening methods through practical exercises!