Hofgemeinschaft Weide-Hardebek

Hofgemeinschaft Weide-Hardebek is a socio-therapeutic, non-profit living and working community. On the 3 farms, 100 people with and without support needs live and work in the areas of biodynamic gardening and agriculture, bakery, housekeeping and construction.

For us, disability is not a judgemental personality trait, but a concept in the sense that general social norms and performance criteria create barriers that exclude people with support needs from equal participation in society. These barriers are particularly evident in relation to vocational training opportunities. The formal and content-related requirements of existing and recognised vocational training courses overtax and disregard the potential and abilities of these people.

Accordingly, together with the integrative farm community Loidholdhof and the therapeutic living and working community Urtica de Vijfsprong, we developed a framework and pedagogical methods for individualised training for people with support needs in the first Inclutrain project. All participants train the methods of individual, person-centred education developed in the previous project in everyday working life.

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Hofgemeinschaft Weide-Hardebek
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