Lebensraum Birkenhof

Lebensraum Birkenhof offers people with assistance needs an apprenticeship and skill-orientated employment in the areas of biodynamic agriculture and gardening, cooking, housekeeping and property management. Additional accommodation with assistance is available for the people.

The individual abilities of the people at Birkenhof are supported by person-centred assistance. Self-determined living and working in the community take centre stage. Entry into the world of work is made possible by learning a wide range of skills and promoting personal competences. Nature is an essential learning environment. The Birkenhof Green Care farm includes a biodynamic market garden and farm, a kitchen where home-grown food is processed, a carpentry and a laundry.


Lebensraum Birkenhof
Deberweg 25
9220 Velden am Wörthersee

T: +43 4274 51790